Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bye-bye Gothenburg - for a little while

I did a short photo walk today through a couple of places in central Gothenburg, which I haven't visited since I came back. Tomorrow, I'm leaving for a quick trip back to San Diego, so I thought I should do a nostalgia photo walk before I leave.
This hot dog place is really classic, it's been there as long as I can remember and they have the best mashed potatoes anywhere. Of course, I had to try a hot dog with mashed potatoes and it was just like I remember it. Yummie! I also snapped a few photos of other places nearby. They are all within a couple of hundred meters so it was a really short photo walk, but very nice. Click here to view the comlete set of photos. My next blog post will be from San Diego.

Abstract on Sweden's National Day

June 6 is the Swedish national day, three years ago established as a national holiday. We never had a national day before. How wear is that, I guess the contry is too old to care about something like that.
I thought a couple of abstract yellow and blue photos would be nice to match the color os the Swedish flag. There is also some green in this photo set, click here to view it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Photo Walks

An email from a friend in San Diego reminded me that I haven't posted in a while so I gathered a few photos from a couple of quick photo walks I've done over the last couple of weeks. I haven't done much shooting lately, only a few family events. I did those photo walks after work to capture the soft evening light.
Thanks for reminding me Delphine! I'll try to shape up and do more photo walks, even though I don't really have anyone to shoot with over here. I need to join a local photo club once the summer is over and they're getting active again. In a week I will return to San Diego for a few weeks, so I hope to get together with my Californian photo friends again. If you want to see the complete set from the photo walks click here.