Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall at the woodland lake

Took a walk the other day around a woodland lake near our house to capture the fall colors. It was "hard to resist" not going as the weather was wonderful, pretty much summer temperatures and I actually felt a "need" to make photos, something that sadly doesn't happen too often these days. I even brought out my Nikon SLR with the "big lens" and the tripod, not just my handy Sony Nex-6, which have been an easy-to-bring-photo-friend lately - maybe too easy. All seven photos can be viewed here. Enjoy!

Closing day at Liseberg

The summer season came to an end (in early October is just crazy!) at the local amusement park Liseberg, so the family decided to enjoy the summer like weather, have a dinner, a few roller coaster rides (not me though) and watch the fireworks. I took the opportunity to make a few low light photos, this time with my Sony Nex-6. Handheld and mostly with the 55-210 mounted. I even shot a few videos, which doesn't happen too often. All 25 photos and two videos can be viewed here. Hold on as we take off.