Thursday, January 24, 2008

Painting, sort of...

This is the moon accompanied by a palm tree at sunset shot at the local grocery store. You don't need those exotic places for interesting shots. Turning a few Photoshop tools to the extreme for vivid colors and using the Art History Brush gave the photo that extra push. Try the Art History Brush for yourself and see, it's fun.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I just finished a Photoshop class that I took online. I thought I should present the final exam. We could pick any theme and any photos to work with. Since it was a Photoshop class the main goal was not to present your best photos, but the best improved photos. I choose to do three grunge photos,which was one of the type of techniques we learned during the 16 week class.

Golden Gate, San Francisco

City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

I thought the dirty grunge theme would be interesting to combine with beautiful buildings, just to see how it came out. I'm pretty happy with the result, even though grunge and famous buildings might not go that well together. Click this link for an untested grunge instruction I put together.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Martin Bailey

This is another photo inspired by one of the podcasters I frequently listen to. Martin Bailey recently posted a series of great photos in fall colors that inspired me to catch those wonderful colors. Martin Bailey is, like Martin Joergensen whom I linked to the other day, also producing a weekly podcast well worth listening to. They both often produce podcasts while they are shooting, which makes a great contrast to many other podcasters that are more gadget freaks. Martin B also has a great forum and frequent photo contests.

Like many of my other photos this is edited in Adobe Lightroom. A bit of cropping, light and color adjustment and I was done. You gotta love such an complete tool which also allow you to upload the photo directly to Flickr.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still life

Inspired by Martin Jorgensen's "On Location" podcast I went hunting for colorful still life subjects in my neighborhood. There is a lot of stuff available worth shooting or just practicing on. In the right hand column I have listed other podcasts that I follow on a regular basis. Podcasts are a really good way of getting inspired to do different shots and assignments as well as learning more about photography.

I also saw this hawk hunting for lunch. It was amazing watching the bird looking for it's pray way up there in the sky.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Just starting a photo blog, you soon realize how many photos you haven't shared that people might enjoy. So here we go.

Click here if you want to have a look at the family Christmas photos. Yep, this photo blog will not only include serious photos, but also a snapshots to be enjoyed by family and friends.

What the heck...

I can't believe I created a blog. Well-well, consider this mostly being a photo blog. The main reason I created this blog was that I found a tool that easily uploads photos from Adobe Lightroom (my primary photo manager and editor) directly to Flickr, which in turn makes it really easy to add photos and text to a decent looking web site like this.

This photo was taken yesterday when I was playing with back lit objects. Chances are that there might be more photos coming in the future. Enjoy!