Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue winter water

Winter finally came with a few wonderful days for photography. I think ice, snow and water is one of the most interesting and challanging subjects to photograph. Capturing shadows, objects and movements in this environment will always give you a new photo for every shot.

One of those beautiful winter days, I went to our nearby lake Finnsjön, which you already have seen summer photos from if you follow my photo blog. Inspired by my son's school art project whith the theme "water", I created the images in this blog post. I only used images with a similar composition and objects from this photo shoot. This means that there should be enough photos for another blog post. The blue cast was created mainly by setting the white balance to flash and some post process adjustments.

You can watch the complete set of images by clicking here. Please comment the images below or at my Flickr account, both negative and positive feedback is welcome. I've changed the layout of my blog page, increasing the width to get more focus on the image. I've also changed the subscription feeds, so I suggest that you re-subscribe to blog updates, using the link at the top of the blog. See you soon again, hopefully with more winter images.


DC said...

I very much like the contrast of blue-white snow with the darkness -- plus the lines of the dock. This is a very nice blog you have here, and some good photos as well. Keep trying new things! (Found you through flickr.)

Mikael said...

Thanks DC! Please come back soon... /Mikael