Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mats' Gift Wrap Vernissage

We where invited to Mats' Gift Wrap Vernissage, which also included a Jazz consert with Lars Jansson and his son. Mats' artistic skills are amazing. He always surprises us one way or the other, no matter if it is clothes, food, gift wraps or just having fun together.

All photos are taken with my Sony NEX-6, with no flash and no tripod. Ultimately I had made the photos prior to the vernissage with better equipment, but it is always an interesting challange to capture the moment live. There is some noise due to the high ISO (3200), but I think it works pretty well with the environment and the mood of the event. However, and external flash is on the wish list and might soon becomre a new member of my photo toy collection. Who knows.

Link to the photos

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