Sunday, March 2, 2008


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Went to the San Diego Velodrome to try out some high speed motion photography. It was difficult to capture the bikers in focus and make the background as I was panning. I soon realize how important it was to find a suitable background, both to color and pattern. I scouted out a couple of spots around the Velodrome that would capture the bikers in full action. It was difficult to understand how the race worked, as the bikers suddenly were speeding like crazy then just pedaled like they were on vacation. I therefore concentrated on capturing some action filled photos rather than how the actual competition went.

Towards the end they did relays, which was easier to understand and more fun to watch. If you want to practice high-speed motion photography and I recommend a few hours at the Velodrome. If you are shooting raw in continuous mode I recommend a lot of memory cards. I shot over 800 images in a couple of hours.... and how did I do this photo?


John Watts said...

Nicw pics - Mikael - I really like the B&W shadow - ...


John :-)

Mikael said...

Thanks John! There were tons of things to shoot; details, action, people, motion, colors, shadows - the list just went on and on. I shot over 800 images in just over two hours. Great fun!