Thursday, May 1, 2008

Råda Preserve in the early morning

I vistited the Råda Preserve about a week ago shooting the beautiful spring flowers. A few days later I saw that the Anemone Nemorosa (what I believe is the correct translation of the Swedish"Vitsippa") was bloming even more than earlier so I decided to go back. When I woke up far too early the other day and the light was really beautiful I decided to back to the Preserve. I went out the door about 6 am just as the sun started to break through the tree bransches.
The light in the Preserve was just amazing. After more than an hour of shooting and scaring the heck out of people passing by on their way to work seeing me on my knees in the forrest, I went to work and felt that I have had a great start of the day. Click here to view the complete set of photos.

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