Monday, July 14, 2008

Delsjön and Kvarnbyn

OK, I'm now back in Sweden after a few crazy weeks in San Diego wrapping up all our stuff over there. This Sunday I decided to do a photo outing to get away from all the crazy moving activities. I went to a nearby lake, Delsjön, and the old mill at Kvarnbyn, also close to where we live. I thought this photo would represent summer and relaxation. :-)
Lake Delsjön is a beautiful recreation area for all kind of activities, including photography. There are endless possibilities, which of course varies over the seasons. Look out for photos from future outings there.
At Kvarnbyn you will find an old mill, currently hosting a number of companies in various industries. You will also find a pretty good restaurant and some shops. It's a really nice area.
If you want to view the complete set of photos click here.

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