Sunday, March 1, 2009

Contrast & Views

The theme for this post is Contrast & Views, which goes both for sizes and colors. I had my eyes on a large red ship in the harbour of Gothenburg for a few days, which I thought would be nice in the sunset against a blue sky. Finally, I brought my camera to work the other day to caputre the ship on my way home. After a few other harbour shots I saw the ship leaving the harbour and first thought I would miss the whole thing, as I realized that that it would only add action to the images. I was lucky. I had plenty of time to capture the ship from several angels and with different foregrounds and backgrounds as it took a long time to get it out of the harbour. I learned that the Nowegian ship M/V Tijuca made its maiden call early this January. With a total length of just over 760 ft it has a capacity of unbelieavable 7,500 autos.

I also took the opportunity to shoot some images of one of the tallest buildings in Gothenburg, known as the Lipstick. I even went up to the top floor and grabbed a few shots of the view. That would be quite and office location to have.

You can watch the complete set of images by clicking here. Please comment on the images below or at my Flickr account, both negative and positive feedback is welcome. Until next time - happy shooting.

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