Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birch Aquarium & La Jolla Walk

I went to Birch Aquarium (click for slide show) with my photo buddy Walter who was kind enough to bring me as his guest. We shot at Shutter priority set to 1/125s and ISO 2000 (yapp two thousand). Still, it is very hard to capture sharp images.After the aquarium we did a La Jolla walk from the Cove to the Children's pool and back. It's a really nice walk with a lot of thngs to photograph.


john said...

Wow, Mikael, all of these neat images of the area where I live too - you've inspired me - I've GOT to get out more!!!

Very nice images...

Mikael said...

Thanks John. There is so much to photograph in our surrounding, so get out there and shoot.

Sadly, I'm actually leaving San Diego this Saturday as we have decided to move back to Sweden. You will still see photos coming to my blog, just in a different type of nature.