Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PQ Canyon goes Vivid

I did a hike in the Canyon close to where we live to try out my new camera backpack, the Lowpro Slingshot 300 AW. I've been looking for a camera bag or backpack for a long time. Yesterday, I decided to buy the Slingshot and it worked really well and holds all my equipment. It is very easy to switch to a lens that is in the backpack without even taking the backpack off. The various storage places are well designed.

I also decided to try out the Vivid setting in my Nikon D300. All the photos are in Vivid mode and uploaded without any post processing (click for slide show). I know, some of you might say that the photos look really too saturated, but is actually closer to reality than what the camera captures in Normal mode and I think it looks cool.

I passed a milestone with my D300 today. Since I got it 12 days ago I've now shot over 7,000 images. That includes a number of test sessions, photo outings at various places and an event. Of course, the images with any decent quality represents only a fraction of the total number of images. Nevertheless, it is a joy shooting with the D300 so all those images where shot with no major effort.

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